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    June 22, 2012

    "This movie has increased my cigar-smoking pleasure and I think it will yours, as well. That alone should be worth the price... If you are at all interested in cigars or even just curious, I strongly encourage you to give this movie a try." Read the full review at Craig Heart Online.

    "If you love cigars and have the opportunity, by all means see this film. It’s got some great information and is really beautiful visually, and the soundtrack is really cool too!" Read the full review at Cigar Craig.

    "All-in-all this was a great video, well worth the 20 bucks. It was entertaining, visual stimulating, and informative." Read the full review at The Good Life.

    "This is a beautifully shot film, focusing mainly on the stages of making the cigar from the fields where the tobacco is grown to the factories where they are love-lingly made, every step is shown in fantastic detail from start to finish." Read the full review at Gentlemen's Goods.

    "James and his film Cigars: The Heart and Soul of Cuba...deliver with a vibrant and accurate tour of the Cuban Habano and the Cubanos who create it. This visually enchanting journey is a pleasure for anyone with the slightest interest in the subject of tobacco or Cuba." Read the full review at True Cigars.

    "[Orr's] extensive directing and screenwriting skills make this movie a cut above any other Cuba cigar movie I have seen... Witnessing how much hard work goes into getting the tobacco to the factory renews my respect for the cigars I smoke." Read the full review by William Johnston.

    "The documentary actually takes you through the entire cigar making cycle... This film gave me plenty to look at and learn." Read the full review at

    "...make a point to see the film Cigars: The Heart and Soul of Cuba...It offers an amazingly comprehensive look at cigar production in Cuba. From seeds, to harvest, drying, fermenting, rolling and packaging, every aspect is covered." Read the full review at

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